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Space Diplomat: Global Game Jam 2016

For Global Game Jam 2016 I teamed up with Unity programmer, Alex Bascom. The theme was Ritual. We created Space Diplomat, a trading and memorization … Read more »

Trickery: April Fools’ Game Jam

Trickery is a difficult platformer game where the visuals of the level do not always reflect reality. Learn from your mistakes and carefully jump your … Read more »

Enchanted Desert: Global Game Jam 2015

Completed my first solo game jam for Global Game Jam 2015! The theme for this jam was “What Do We Do Now?” My design was … Read more »

TRAVISAWORLD: Global Game Jam 2014

At this year’s Global Game Jam I teamed up with Adam Moore, Patrick Scofield and Kerisa Morin to make TRAVISAWORLD. Based on the theme of … Read more »

High School Career Education

I created animated videos for online high school education. These are for high school students to learn about different career options. Script and audio provided … Read more »

Megamammal Meg: Launched Childrens’ Interactive Story Book

Last week 3R Interactive launched Megamammal Meg, an interactive story book application for children! It is now available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Nook and Windows … Read more »

3… 2… 1… Lift off! Game Jam

This weekend I teamed up with Glenn Macdonald and Patrick Scofield for NASA’s Dark Side of the Game Jam. We made a physics game in … Read more »

Cor Seeker: Global Game Jam 2013

Over the weekend of January 25-27, 2013 I teamed up with the programmers over at Nullspace Entertainment LLC – James Justin, Stacy Layton and Jamie … Read more »

Castle and Forest Temple Backgrounds

Last month I posted the Fire Temple Background for an upcoming iPhone game. I’ve been continuing work on this project and wanted to share the … Read more »