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Budgeting Activity

Apps, ELearning, Vector, Web Sept 2020
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An activity that introduces the learner to the process of creating a budget by creating a fictional budget for a fictional family. This avoids the complications of discussing a student’s personal budget openly with classmates, and is a stepping stone to then talk about creating a budget for a business. This is an assignment very early in the course, so it’s much more friendly and approachable, but teaches the process of budgeting by creating common categories and then listing the different expenses within each category. The web activity saves the learner’s budget numbers as a PDF, which they can then use to compare and reflect with their classmates.

Resources: Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Illustrator, istockphoto.com

Client: Gwynedd Mercy University MBA
Course: Accounting for Decision Makers

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  • Synergis Education, Gwynedd Mercy University


  • Character
  • eLearning
  • Generated PDF
  • Icon
  • Illustrator
  • Interactive Design
  • javascript
  • Layout
  • Storyline 360
  • Typography
  • Vector
  • Visual Design