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Apply Ethical Decision-Making Model

Apps, ELearning, Web June 2022
Start Ethical Decision-Making Activity

This is an activity for ‘Foundations in Counseling’ course for MSC students. It presents the student with the model, can download a job aid, read a case study, write responses applying the model and saves responses as a downloadable PDF.

Resources: Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Review 360, Adobe Photoshop, istockphoto.com

Client: Gwynedd Mercy University MSC
Course: Foundations in Counseling

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  • Synergis Education, Gwynedd Mercy University


  • eLearning
  • Generated PDF
  • Interactive Design
  • javascript
  • Layout
  • Photo Curation
  • Storyline 360
  • Typography
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design